KMKD carries out site visits with conservation architects, civil engineers, archaeologists, art and architecture historians. The reports written as a result of these visits, documentation and research emphasize the urgent need for intervention in our at-risk cultural assets. The reports also aim to convey accurate information and suggest methods of protection to persons and institutions in the heritage management fields.

As a project implemented by KMKD, we undertook site visits to structures that are no longer used, either because they no longer have owners or are abandoned. Such buildings are vulnerable to any damage, whether it be artificial or natural. Our goal was to document the physical condition of these structures, do historical research, perform risk analyses and ensure their protection.

Site Visits

We compiled a list of buildings on the Southern Marmara Islands and analyzed all of them with a team of experts over three trips. The islands visited by the team include Marmara Island, Ekinlik Island, Avşa Island, Paşalimanı Island, Koyun Island, Yer Island, Soğan Island, Hasır Island, Fener Island, Hali Island, and Sedef Island. Of these, only 6 had structures. A total of 78 religious, residential, educational, industrial, commercial buildings and historical fountains were documented.

Investigations were carried out by the experts’ professional knowledge and experience in their respective fields. These investigations compiled architectural features, typologies, construction techniques, period attributes and current physical conditions of buildings. Later analyses comparatively evaluated risks and conditions in order to prioritize necessary interventions. The Risk Assessment Matrix can be reached from here.



Educational Structures

Industrial and Commercial Structures

Southern Marmara Islands Fountains

History of the Southern Marmara Islands