Our project named “Southern Islands of Marmara: Documentation and Risk Assessment of Architectural Heritage” is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).

The main purpose of the project is documenting the historical structures in place together with the field work and preparing the risk matrixes of the buildings in the Southern Islands of Marmara. This project, which will be an important part of the process of scientific knowledge production, aims to contribute to prolonging the lifetime of historical buildings. At the same time, the project also contributes to the cultural awareness of the people of the region.

There is one publication within the scope of this project regarding the Southern Islands of Marmara heritage. And this publication provides detail information about the South Marmara heritage, the risks threatening this heritage, and recommendations for safeguarding. The other step in the project is the dissemination of these results through a seminar, and a photo exhibition in order to make these structures known and to support the protection of Southern Marmara Islands' historical heritage.


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KMKD carries out site visits with conservation architects, civil engineers, archaeologists, art and architecture historians. The reports written as a result of these visits, documentation and research emphasize the urgent need for intervention in our at-risk cultural assets. The reports also aim to convey accurate information and suggest methods of protection to persons and institutions in the heritage management fields.

As a project implemented by KMKD, we undertook site visits to structures that are no longer used, either because they no longer have owners or are abandoned. Such buildings are vulnerable to any damage, whether it be artificial or natural. Our goal was to document the physical condition of these structures, do historical research, perform risk analyses and ensure their protection.


In addition to the risk assessment part of the project, information was gathered about 'local memory' by interviewing people living in the South Marmara Islands in order to analyze the values attributed to the cultural heritage of the islands by the local community. The aim was to better understand the attitudes of the islanders towards their heritage and the value they attribute to them, including the values that have been transferred and/or reinterpreted by the local community. The results of the face to face interviews and internet questionnaires are summarized as a report in this website.

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We aimed to increase the impact of the project on architectural documentation through the use of digital technologies. In this context, digital technologies were used in cooperation with the Heritage Management Organization (HERITΛGE) to present architectural and intangible aspects of the structures together. Digital models of some structures were created, and 360-degree panoramic videos were taken. Photogrammetry technique was used to obtain 3D models and 360-degree panoramic images of selected structures. We believe that this will have a great impact in raising awareness for both the heritage assets and the project itself, and therefore provide further sustainability to both.


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